Pizzaria at Zona Sul, Shopping Piratas

For those looking for no-fuss, budget meals

Location and Ambiance

Tucked in the corner of the supermarket Zona Sul*, the pizza-cum-bakery section of Zona Sul is a good place to grab a quick bite.

The environment is quite pleasant – as the supermarket is bright, clean and neat.

Flavour and Serving Size

I have had dinner there a few times, and I always go for the Margarita Pizza, which is topped with just tomato, basil and cheese.

Made on-the-spot with fresh ingrediants, the thin-crust pizzas, while simple, taste great.

For small eaters, one pizza is sufficient for two.

As for drinks, accompaniments or desserts, you will be spoilt for choice – need I remind you, you are in a supermarket!

*For the uninitiated, Zona Sul is a slightly upmarket supermarket chain. Some of its outlets have an eat-in area, serving freshly-made pizzas.

Flavour: 3.75/5
Serving Size: For small eaters – 1 pizza is ok for 2
Price: R$25++/pizza (excluding drinks)
Ambiance: Quick bite
Service: Ok

Pizzaria Zona Sul
Shopping Piratas, Estr. das Marinas, 91 – Marinas, Angra dos Reis – RJ


Lighthouse Sushi

One of the best Japanese joints in Angra dos Reis, Rio, Brazil

Location and Ambiance

Lighthouse Sushi is a relatively new joint at the Shopping Piratas, which is considered by many to be the only shopping mall in Angra dos Reis.

The restaurant’s modern and trendy interiors stand out from the cosy vibe of other Angra restaurants.

If you are planning a romantic evening, this place might not set the mood. When its empty, the place might seem quite ‘cold’ due to the decor.

Flavour and Serving Size

At a recent visit, I had the Yakisoba Legumes (in other words, fried noodles with vegetables), Pexie Branco Cerviche (White Fish Cerviche) and a Sushi platter.

The Yakisoba is quite well-done – many eateries tend to overcook their noodles. However, given that they are catering to Brazilian taste buds, they will be a little on the salty side. As such, you might want to ask for “menos sal” (less salt) or “sem sal” (no salt) when you place your orders.

For a casual dining place, the Sushi platter was sufficiently ‘neat’. In many simple Japanese eateries in Rio – and I have been to many – the Sushi tends to be clumsy-looking, unraveling on the plate.

For an Asian couple, the serving sizes were reasonable.

All in All

Lighthouse Sushi will be one of my go-to-places for Japanese food in Angra. I would recommend this place to someone in Angra craving Japanese.

The food is good by small-small city standards. And the ambience is great for dinner with friends.

For tourists, Shopping Piratas – where Lighthouse Sushi is located – is a safe place to hang out at night.

Flavour: 4/5
Serving Size: Ok for an Asian couple
Price: R$ 50/person (for dinner, including drinks)
Ambiance: Modern, casual dining
Service: Ok

Lighthouse Sushi
Rua Prefeito João Gregório Galindo, 3160 – Japuíba, Angra dos Reis – RJ, 23934-005
Tel:+55 (24) 3367-0817