Han Kuk Kwan Culinaria Oriental

Han Kuk Kwan – Korean restaurant in Barra, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Location and Ambiance

On the second floor of Shopping Barra Point, Han Kuk Kwan is a small eatery with a cosy, casual atmosphere.

If you like to have the Korean barbeque, you will have to be in the ‘outside seating area’, which is the walkway around the restaurant, within the shopping mall.

I made a reservation for 6 persons for dinner earlier in the day. This turned out to be unnecessary – there was no crowd on a Saturday night. This is not to say the food isn’t good, just that few would probably hang out at Barra Point for dinner – the building’s few retail stores close in the late evening.


The service was quite good. Though there was no crowd, the restaurant still reserved and ‘set’ a table for 6, and we were ushered to our seats upon arriving.

We were served by the Lady Boss, her father and a young waiter. All were friendly and responsive.

Flavour and Serving Size

We ordered 3 dishes: 2 soups – one kimchi base and the other soybean – as well as a pork and beef bulgogi.

For the kimchi soup, I thought they could kick-up the spicy-ness. They probably toned this down for Brazilian taste.

On the whole, both soups were quite nice, and came with reasonable amounts of veggies and meats in them to be main courses.

The pork and beef bulgogi were well-seasoned and grilled at our table. We ate them wrapped in lettuce, with garlic and onion. While the wraps were tasty, it would have been better if they gave us the option a dipping sauce, since some of us prefer our food even more moist and flavourful.

As for the service sizes, I would say they are a little on the small-side. For all 3 dishes, we ordered 2-person servings. 6 of us (3 guys and 3 girls) easily polished off all the food, including the small side dishes.

All in All

There are few Asian food options in Rio, and this one is pretty decent.

The place is suitable for casual dining with friends.

Though the servings are a bit small, since the prices are reasonable you can always order more. It’s good that they don’t charge you an arm and a leg just for being a ‘rare’ Asian restaurant in this part of the world.

I will probably eat at Han Kuk Kwan again, as well as recommend the place to friends. In fact, this place was recommended to me by an Asian friend, who found it sufficiently authentic.

Flavour: 4/5
Serving Size: On the small side
Price: R$ 50++/pax (for dinner, including drinks)
Ambiance: Cosy atmosphere, Korean-inspired decor
Service: Friendly and quite speedy

Han Kuk Kwan Culinaria Oriental
Rua Armando Lombardi, 350 (Shopping Barra Point), Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22640-000, Brazil
Tel: +55 (21) 2494-1076/ 97144-7881


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